Skogafoss Waterfall is a massively beautiful waterfall which would be a stunning place to hold your Iceland wedding ceremony.

Interesting fact: The cliffs you see there are a recessed coastline.  The specs on the waterfall provide a magnificent secluded spot for wedding photos as 82 feet wide and 200 feet tall.  Embedded further back into the cliffs the power of the waterfall spray it gives off also sets the scene for rainbow and double rainbow wedding photo opportunities no matter if the sun is shining or not.  So your likelihood for seeing rainbows or getting married in front of a rainbow at Skogafoss waterfall is high.

How romantic, right?  The walk from the parking lot to the waterfall is grassy and then quickly turns to lava rock and black sand.  If you’re a bride and groom here to do your wedding photos, prepare to be dirty and possibly wet the closer you go to the misty side of the mountains.  Beautiful wedding photos can be shot here but do be prepared for those elements.  There is a couple of spots to setup chairs for a wedding ceremony on the grass but be ready depending on the time of day you will have frequent visitors going in front  of your guests to photograph the falls.  During the Iceland Summer Solstice, Skogafoss would be a perfect spot to have your Iceland destination wedding, to have as additional spot for wedding day photography, or a perfect spot for Iceland engagement photos.

With a smile, Ann Peters

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